Free & Inexpensive Sources for Newspaper Coupon Inserts

Thursday, February 18, 2010 Hand-posted by Jennifer

The following is a guest post from Shelly at Coupon Teacher.  Enjoy!
Coupon Inserts
Free and Inexpensive Sources for Newspaper Coupon Inserts
Buying newspapers just for coupons each week is not cheap. The largest paper in my area is up to $2 per paper now! I try to buy two papers per week at Walgreens with RR.  But I have a somewhat unique situation.  I have no family nearby, the largest paper in my area doesn’t do home delivery in my county, and there aren’t any stores I know of that do a discounted bundle.  Below are some ideas I have run across for getting your newspaper coupons cheap or free!
  1. Get your family to save you inserts. This is an easy one, and many family members are willing to help out!  Just be careful, when they see all your free deals, they might keep the coupons for themselves!
  2. Get your co-workers involved.  I have a sweet woman at work that sends her coupons to me almost every Monday.  She only cuts a few and gives me the rest.  I don’t count on it, but I take it as a nice surprise.  Some businesses have a subscription to the paper, and you might be able to pick up some inserts there.
  3. Check out restaurants and coffee shops. Many people leave their whole Sunday paper for others to enjoy.  Make sure it is not property of the restaurant before taking the coupons out!
  4. Dumpster diving or recycling centers. You heard me right.  There are people out there who do this on a weekly basis.  I am truly not brave enough for this.  (I would also ask permission here, because you don’t want in trouble for stealing!) I have never figured this one out, but I figure, if you ask and it is being thrown out, it is fair game. 
  5. Visit the library. Many libraries have newspaper subscriptions.  You could ask the librarian to save the inserts for you.  Some libraries have take a coupon, leave a coupon boxes too. 
  6. Call and ask for a home delivery deal.  Many newspapers aren’t doing very well, and they are anxious to sell more papers.  They might be willing to delivery multiple papers at a slightly reduced rate.
  7. Check the dollar store. I have heard many areas have the Sunday paper at the bargain price of….$1! There are also stores that sell papers 2 for 1. 
  8. Check your mail!  Some areas around the country get Red Plum inserts in the weekly mail.  Look closely at that junk mail before throwing it out.
Where do you get your coupons each week?
Shelly is a full-time fourth grade teacher and blogs at Coupon Teacher.  She wants you to share and celebrate your successes with her, and she may give you a few tips along the way!

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  1. Rochele said...

    I am a dumpster diver myself! In Blount co. it is not stealing it is recycling, I probably bring home about 20-40 inserts per week~ when my husband lost almost half of his income last year we started doing it, now I just flat could care less what people think. I figured it has probably saved me thousands of dollars in fifteen months time.

  2. Jennifer said...

    Funny you should say that. I can remember when I was recycling my newspapers one weekend and ran into a dumpster diver myself...sitting inside the dumpster sorting through the papers. She must have just gotten off work because she still had her nurses uniform on. Um, yeah.

    So, I agree with you. When it comes down to saving money that it doesn't matter to some people what others opinions are of them.

    I'm not ashamed to carry my big ole coupon binder into the store with me. I could care less how much people behind me in line huff & puff while the cashier scans all of my coupons. And I could also care less if someone sees me pickup an insert or two from the dumpsters at the newspaper recycling center. I find a few inserts laying on top of the recycle stack but I would skip to my lou if I saw a stack of 40!

  3. Rochele said...

    oh honey ya gotta dig to get fourty! lol!

  4. Coupon Teacher said...

    I wish I could find somewhere around here to dumpster dive, but I haven't found anywhere! Thanks for letting me guest post!

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