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Monday, November 24, 2008 Hand-posted by Jennifer

OK, I have to honestly say I did not think I was going to make it through service Sunday morning. I didn't think words could describe everything that I was feeling inside that brought me to tears yesterday. I am truly thankful for so many things this holiday season. I am thankful for everything that God continues to provide and that I have my friends and family to enjoy. I have blogged before about how God is Great and that I am thankful for everything he does. Even though my family has experienced some rough times this year I also know how things can Ironically get worse when you imagine you can't handle anything else but that God is always with us. I know God provides in many different ways that we have to be thankful for. God blessed me with coupons when we first started experiencing financial problems so I could learn how to feed my family easier. God led me down a road I normally don't travel that much (driving home) and introduced me to a wonderful new church. And this new road has led me to not only a new church family but to some wonderful people that I cannot finds words to express how grateful I am to have met. I am sitting here trying to think of how to describe what I am feeling and I can't. Right now all I can say is that my family will truly be blessed this holiday season and I have God to thank. I pray that God continues to guide my family so that we can be strong together. I am definitely thankful to be ThanksLiving this Thanksgiving.


  1. Nicole Feliciano said...

    The reverend at our church gave a great sermon yesterday too. Same thing on the tears. It felt good to be thankful in a time when we as a country are in such a downward spiral.

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