I’m listed on a sidebar! wow!

Saturday, January 17, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer

The hubs is asleep so I have to brag to you guys even if I’m being a dork.  Then again, he’d probably roll his eyes at me and say whatever.  Here’s what transpired just now:

I’m sure you’ve heard about googling your name to see what would come back?  Well, I decided I would google my blog name without the .blogspot.com ending to see what would come back.

Most things came up from where I have commented or blogged about stuff which I expected but I saw there was an actual link to a website.  Of course, curious me clicked it.

Wealth=Wise sidebar I ended up on Wealth=Wise(Investments+Strategies).  I browsed around her site and sure enough I found my name…on her sidebar!  WOW!  Not quite sure how I got that privilege?

Anyways, check out Jamy’s site because she has quite a variety of things she blogs about from what I saw while I was there.

Thanks Jamy!  You made me feel special!


  1. jamy said...

    I am the owner of seaykopitiam.com.

    My name is Jamy. I am an ethnic Chinese. I was born in Borneo Island (the world 3rd largest island) and the part where I was born belong to a country called Malaysia (there are 3 countries on that island, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunie). I lived in Sydney Australia most of my teenage to adult life. I got all my degree in Australia but then I married a nice guy from Tenneessee, yes, TN :), to be precise, Chattanooga, TN :), but now we are residing in Gainesville, Florida, He works for University of Florida (but he is still a volunteer :)). Though I have a master degree in computer science many years back and has been in IT lines all my life but I have since gone back to get a nursing degree, so I can home school my child part time. I work 3 days. Kido goes to a Christian school 3 days and I got to home school him 2days.

    I stumbled in your blog one night and was impressed with your matching effort. Great job you have done there, dear.



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