How to signup for CoolSavings for coupons

Saturday, September 26, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer


Have you heard of CoolSavings

I thought I’d cover how to get through the signup process today because I’ve had comments in the past that it’s a hassle to go through the signup process and it’s really not. 

Yes, there are a few more steps than just your name, address, and email but not many.  There are a few affiliate offer pages that are thrown into the process before you get to the “Welcome” page but you DO NOT have to complete any of the offers.  Seriously.  If you just hit no, or skip then you’ll breeze right through in under a minute or two. 

Here we go.  All the steps you’ll need to take to get through the signup process with a few tips from me:

  • Click here to get started or one of the buttons in this post.
  • Enter Zip Code
  • Enter Email (I used a “junk” email account that I rarely check.)
  • Uncheck box to receive daily emails.  (unless you want to get them daily)
  • Click Submit
  • Enter Personal Info
  • Uncheck box to complete surveys on MyView.  (unless you want to opt in)
  • Click Start Saving Now!
  • Start scrolling to the bottom to skip the offers…skip skip skip to my lou, skip to my lou my darling.  LOL!  Sorry, Some of the pages you will need to click Yes or No.  Click No on all the answers to opt out of the offers!  I think there was maybe 3 pages in total to skip and click no.  Not many…I promise
  • This brings you to a list of the coupons.  (You can print a few off or skip this step to continue to the Welcome screen.)
  • If a popup ad appears just hit the X button to close that screen off & you should be on the Welcome page.
  • That’s it.  All done.


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