Kmart Doubles up to $2 starting 1/11

Wednesday, January 07, 2009 Hand-posted by Jennifer


There is an unadvertised doubling at Kmart this week up to $1 that I blogged about here which was a disappointment from the $2 doubles they've had in the past few months like here , here and here.  But let's not get discouraged my dear friends...  Why you ask?  Check out the following post I found on Coupon Mom's Forum.  I can't wait!

Thread started by lmarie:

  • Went into my KMart today and they said they weren't doubling. Showed them my letter from corporate. They called the manager, he told me he thought the double event started 1/11. He took my letter to check on it and came back holding next week's ad which clearly shows double coupons for next week up to...wait for it...$2.
    So at this point he's very curious and asks me to select an item I was going to purchase so we can ring it up and see if the coupon doubles. He tells me that for my trouble if it doesn't automatically double, he'll give me double anyway. So we do that and low and behold the coupon does double.
    Bottom line, this week is an unadvertised doubling event for coupons up to $1 which the stores are confused about. Next week will be an advertised doubling event for coupons up to $2.
    So I went ahead and got a few deals for coupons I had up to $1.

Comment by Daviers:

  • Doubling at Super K-Mart only?

Response by lmarie:

  • All KMarts. When the ad comes out this week it'll be on the front page, I saw an actual copy of the upcoming ad when I was at the store.

Doesn't this just tickle your fancy? And we just got bundles of new coupons this past weekend. And you can also see the coupon preview for next Sunday when the doubles are going to start. Double $1 this week and double $2 next week...boy I sure am excited! Aren't you?


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